Applegreen and the Irish Youth Foundation

Applegreen’s Impact 2018-2020
The Applegreen team have been supporting the Irish Youth Foundation for the past 3 years. In this time, your fundraising efforts have made significant differences to the lives of children and young people experiencing disadvantage and marginalisation around the country.
We are delighted to share some of this impact with you:
Between 2018 and 2020, Applegreen has raised over €350,000 for the Irish Youth Foundation.
Through the Blossom Fund, Applegreen has directly supported 112 projects and 7,041 children across Ireland that focused on health and well-being…
…and a further 5 projects and 258 children and young people through the Generation Pandemic Campaign.
In total, Applegreen’s support of the IYF has benefitted 7,300 children directly.
Thank you for being our superheroes!
Watch this video to see how we are levelling the playing field for Irelandʼs children and young people
A little more about the Blossom Fund
In 2018 and 2019 Applegreen made an incredible difference to children across the country through the Blossom Fund. To date, through the fund the IYF and Applegreen have been able to:
  • Support 112 projects across Ireland that focused on physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Benefit 7,041 children aged 4-12 years across Ireland living in disadvantaged circumstances and have a positive impact on their lives.
  • Fund a fantastic variety of projects, such as Jedi Fitness classes, Inner City gardening projects for children living in emergency accommodation and positive mental health programmes.
  • Support local children and build stronger relationships in the communities where Applegreen operates.
Quotes from Projects supported by the Applegreen Blossom Fund
Applegreen’s impact on the IYF’s Generation Pandemic Campaign 2020
Even though 2020 was an unpredictable year, Applegreen continued to make an incredible impact and raised €58,646.74 for the IYF’s Generation Pandemic Campaign – a movement that was created to ensure the most at-risk young people were not left behind due to Covid-19. Applegreen’s donation helped support five projects. These were:
Doras Buí
100 young people directly supported
A project that will run 2 courses over 12 months for young people who are about to become lone parents
65 young people directly supported
A project that will be able to offer 6 x free counselling services for each young person involved
Safe Haven Ireland
15 young people directly supported
A Cork based project that will fund young people living in Direct Provision to participate in a sailing course
Love & Care for People
18 young people directly supported
A summer project for young people from migrant backgrounds, which focuses on mental health and wellbeinG
Doras Buí
60 young people directly supportes
This project will fund Summer camps for young people aged 12-20 living in vulnerable circumstances
On behalf of the children we support, thank you to the amazing staff at Applegreen for your ongoing support of the Irish Youth Foundation