Fighting Words

Free tutoring and mentoring in creative writing

Established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love, this project helps students of all ages to develop their writing skills through creative writing workshops. The IYF have partnered with Fighting Words to run a new programme in the idyllic surroundings of Glencree Co. Wicklow. Surrounded by the trees, rivers and rugged countryside it is a magical place. As well as helping children to develop their writing skills and encourage a love of reading, the Wicklow location is a rare treat for those living in an urban environment. Over 4,000 children and young people have benefitted from the programme in Wicklow since it opened. In 2018 we are proudly funding the development of the programme in Belfast, Derry and Omagh.


Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary school children.

They can all be found on the Fighting Words website. Click the stories below the read the entire text.

The Lost Dog


Bella, the Fairy was born in 2016, but she was also born in 1991, to be specific March 15th. She lived in a Princess Palace, a palace with a difference. There were knights protecting the castle. One of them had a black spirit, and he was called The Black Knight.

Sacred Heart JNS, 2nd class

Eddie The Octopus and The Flying Pair of Glasses


Eddie the Octopus lives on land  and is obsessed with cheese.  His favourite cheese is mozzarella and he wears a red cap that has a picture of cheese on it. His greatest wish is to live on an island made of all the kinds of cheeses.

St Andrew’s NS, 3rd class

The Adventures of Jeff the Dragon and the Magical Dancing Taco


Once upon a time the story took place in the city of Old Screaming Monkeys. Jeff the dragon lived in an apartment (he was very, very rich) and he decided to buy himself a Jacuzzi. He had a pet llama.  One day Jeff sat on a chair that was covered in nuclear waste.

Wicklow Educate Together National School

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