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To coincide with World Children’s Day in 2020, we teamed up with Ireland’s leading voices in sport, music, literature and TV to inspire action for #GenerationPandemic.

We asked the Irish public and our corporate partners to post a childhood photo of themselves, donate one hour of their monthly salary and nominate friends to do the same. The campaign raised over €120,000 and supported organisations that help the most at-risk young people across Ireland who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Just a few of the famous faces supporting Generation Pandemic

Rugby Players Ireland are delighted to join the Irish Youth Foundation in standing up for Ireland’s hidden children and our stars of the future through the #GenerationPandemic Campaign

Simon Keogh

Chief Executive, Rugby Players Ireland

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In 2020, we raised and distributed an additional €500k which benefitted 14,123 children and young people. But we could only meet 6.6% of the staggering €7.5 million requested.

Futures are on the line. We need to do more. YOU can make a massive difference.