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The Irish Times | December 2, 2021

Ep 532 Double Disadvantage: The cost of the pandemic on Irish youth

RTÉ Radio 1 | November 17, 2021

A Stitch in Time  | Today with Claire Bryne

The Irish Times | November 13, 2021

Pandemic generation: ‘It felt like the end of our childhood’

RTÉ Radio 1 | June 01, 2021

IYF study finds youth More affected by pandemic than others

RTÉ News | June 01, 2021

Pandemic impacted disadvantaged children most – study

The Irish Times | June 01, 2021

Disadvantaged children face profound long term impact from pandemic

The Examiner | June 01, 2021

Fears of spike in youth crime and mental health issues due to the pandemic

The Journal | June 01, 2021

Fears that pandemic will have long-term impacts on disadvantaged young people

Q102 | June 01, 2021

Pandemic created generational timebomb for disadvantaged kids.

FM104 | June 01, 2021

Pandemic created generational timebomb for disadvantaged kids.

RTÉ Radio 1 | Apr 28, 2021

National Youth Workers Week

National Youth Workers week coverage on RTÉ Radio 1 acknowledging the extraordinary work that the Youth Workers of this country do.

The Irish Times | Nov 28, 2020

Ireland’s teenage pariahs: ‘We are really at breaking point now’

The Irish Times | June 09, 2020
Junior infants and first years face a doubly daunting challenge
Independent.ie | June 4, 2020
Our most vulnerable children risk becoming Generation Lost unless needs are prioritised
The Irish Times | June 03, 2020
Years of youth services ‘wiped out’ by Covid-19 pandemic, warns charity