Thriving futures for our youngest

3 Focus Areas for Change

A breakthrough 5-year campaign to help our most-excluded children and young people grow well, learn well, be well and do well, by focusing on three key areas.


Positive transitions through school

  1. To significantly increase the numbers of students transitioning from Primary to Secondary by 500 by the year 2025.
  2. To increase by 1,000 the number of young people completing Secondary school by 2025.

Health and Wellbeing

Happy, healthy transitions from childhood through to adulthood

To improve mental and physical health and well-being in young people by building their resilience, self-esteem, leadership skills and confidence through mentoring, group-work, sports, the arts and other proven activities.

All young people should have access to the supports they need to build social, physical and mental health resilience to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Skills and Employment

Transition to the marketplace

To create opportunities for long- term employment and the chance of a future career. This will be aimed at a target group of 500+ young people who are neither learning nor earning.

They will be supported to overcome low self-esteem, low expectations, learn valuable skills and have access to opportunities.