Skills & Employability

Empowering young people for successful working lives

A good job gives you status, focus and purpose and is fundamental to your physical and emotional health. In fact, it often defines who you are as a person and how you’re seen by others.

Unfortunately, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds often miss out on the skills that are
essential to finding a job, leaving them exposed to debt, depression and harmful addictions.

Working and receiving a living wage is fundamental to success. Over the next five years, we’re focused on increasing our support for programmes that support skills learning, internships, mentorships, training and pre-employment programmes to ensure all young people can access fulfilling employment.

of those unemployed in Ireland are aged 15 to 24

of young women are unemployed

of inmates in Mountjoy have no qualification leaving school
“I was 16 years of age. You know what that’s like for any young girl. But I wasn’t any young girl – I was in a care home. They suggested I should try the Youth Project. I really wasn’t expecting anything but from the minute I came in, they accepted me for who I am. I didn’t really think about it like this at the time but I was looking for the real me. The one that had been lost through my childhood and taken over by frustration, loneliness, sadness and bad choices. When I found that person again, everything clicked. I knew what was positive about me again. And as well, I knew what I needed to work on to rebuild my mental health, my self-worth, my skills and to make a difference in life. And I really mean this; no way would it have happened without this Youth Project and the great workers and role models here.
Core Youth Services Bike Project

With YOUR donation
and support we can

  • Fund projects and programmes that are actively re-engaging and training young people as an immediate priority.
  • Invest in sustainable training programmes where we know there will be job opportunities over the coming years e.g. Green agenda.
  • Fund programmes that help to increase the number of young people completing secondary school and gaining qualifications.
  • Support targeted programmes that help deliver an increase in the numbers of students transitioning from primary to secondary.

How you can help

Our aim is to reach 45,000 children and young people who are living in disadvantaged circumstances across Ireland. 

To do this, we need to support a wide range of youth projects as well those incredible youth workers who work tirelessly, and often voluntarily, to ensure children and young people have a future to look forward to.

But we can’t do it without you.

Whether you are a business or an individual you can help.