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To the amazing team at Udemy: THANK YOU. Your incredible fundraising efforts will support three projects through the Generation Pandemic Fund. The fund has one goal, to provide better opportunities for children and young people living in disadvantaged circumstances.

Here are the projects you are supporting:

Le Chéile Family Resource Centre, Mallow North Cork

100 children & young people supported

One in four young people has literacy or educational needs. This computer-based programme is tailored to an individual’s needs and is a tutored, multi-sensory, computer aided system. Learning to touch type and having the confidence to complete various subject expectations are also part of the programme. All of this is provided in a safe, respectful and confidence boosting manner.

Having good literacy skills is vital to ensuring these young people have the best chance to succeed in their education and is especially important for those making the transition from primary to secondary school.

Literacy is crucial to a person’s ability to develop fully as an individual and to be able to participate fully in society. Yet, one in four young people in Ireland have literacy/educational needs. A lack of affordable literacy supports and services available within our community results in these young people experiencing development delays and struggling to reach their potential educationally, socially and emotionally. This funding will allow us to support 100 children to ensure they get the opportunities they deserve.

Masamba Samba School Social Economy Programme, Dublin

40 children & young people supported

Successfully running in in St. James’s Primary School, Basin Lane for the last 10 years this funding will help Masamba extend the workshops to St James’ CBS, the local secondary school. Enabling the delivery of a series of drumming workshops, for students of the secondary school, to support their successful transition to the senior cycle of education. They will deliver the sessions between September and Christmas break, hosting 10-12 sessions in all. Forty students will take part.

We know that children identify collective music making with positive feelings, pride and teamwork. This funding means we’ll be able to provide our workshops to children who are at the point of transitioning into secondary school. In an area with high levels of early school leaving, giving those young people an extra positive connection to their education is especially important.

Children’s Rights Alliance Research, National

To ensure that the educational needs of children arriving to Ireland from Ukraine are best served in the Irish school system the IYF is funding the Children’s Rights Alliance wishes to commission research to form a policy response for Government on the educational needs of Ukrainian children.

This research will go some way to ensuring the children arriving into Ireland from Ukraine are being best served by the school system which will ultimately benefit those young people as well as their classmates.

Edmund Rice Summer Camps, Dublin

40 children & young people supported

Edmund Rice Camp Dublin provides a two-week summer camp experience to children between the ages of 8 and 12 from underprivileged and lower socioeconomic backgrounds. An emphasis is placed on supporting and maintaining the personal growth of the children taking part by inviting them back year-on-year, where possible.

The camps involve a wide range of activities, including day trips and outings, sports, art, drama, and more – completely free of charge. These camps are unique as they operate on a 1:1 leader to child ratio to ensure  the undivided care and attention that each child deserves is given.

Simply put, we are hoping to achieve a fun-filled two weeks of summer camps for children that need it the most. As a byproduct of this, we hope to  see children becoming more confident, outgoing and self-reflective in themselves as a result of attending our camps.

SMILE School Completion Programme, Limerick

20 children & young people supported

This funding will support young Ukrainian people currently living in Moyross. The funding will specifically go to preparing them to attend the Summer Camp run by SMILE. 

Before being immersed fully in the camp the young people will spend three days getting to know each other better. This will be supported by a local teacher who is Ukrainian. The aim is that by bringing them together on their own initially, it will encourage them to feel a sense of belonging with others from Ukraine. Therefore they will be more likely to attend the full camp, if they already have some friends to attend with.

There has been an increase in the number of Ukrainian young people living in Moyross. Our aim is to help to integrate them into our community.

Summer camps are a really important part of our programme and are an ideal way for these young people to meet their peers from the area and build new relationships prior to a new school term.

And there’s more

Over the last 12 months Udemy staff also helped to raise money for


Provided beanbags which helped transform the outdoor spaces in Core Youth Services and the Aisling Project giving the young people there a more attractive space in which to relax.


Provided a defibrillator and training for the youth workers at Southill Hub in Limerick. The defibrillator will be accessible to the whole community.

 Thank you Team Udemy for your continued support of Ireland’s most marginalised young people.

How you can help

Our aim is to reach 45,000 children and young people who are living in disadvantaged circumstances across Ireland. 

To do this, we need to support a wide range of youth projects as well those incredible youth workers who work tirelessly, and often voluntarily, to ensure children and young people have a future to look forward to.

But we can’t do it without you.

Whether you are a business or an individual you can help.