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children & young people impacted
To the amazing team at William Fry: THANK YOU. Your generous donations will support three projects through the Generation Pandemic Fund. The fund has one goal, to provide better opportunities for children and young people living in disadvantaged circumstances.
SCOOP Foundation, National
68 children and young people supported

SCOOP’s mission is to empower displaced and marginalised young people to fulfil their potential in Ireland and abroad. The programme delivers pre-employment training and integration support services into employment for young people seeking asylum.

‘SCOOP Recruit’ will deliver training and support along with guided pathways to employment & helps circumvent some of the key barriers faced by both beneficiaries and prospective employers. It has been carefully designed as a migrant-led and learner-centred approach along with community support connections to deliver an
end-to-end supported candidate journey.

This funding will provide vital support services into employment for young people seeking asylum. This is especially important for the cohort of young people we work with as they face sustained employment gap adversely affecting their employment prospects and personal confidence.

Just Ask Afterschool Club, Dublin 7

25 children and young people supported

The School Retention Programme is a collaboration between Just Ask and the local School Completion Office. The project’s aim is to broaden young people’s ideas about the opportunities that are available to them and which they are often unaware of. It also aims to increase their awareness of the minimum requirements to access many of these opportunities (e.g. many apprenticeships require at least Foundation Level Maths in the Leaving Certificate). Ultimately its goal is to keep them engaged in their education and supporting their transition to the workplace where they can fulfil their true potential.

This funding will be vital in helping us to broaden young people’s understanding of what opportunities are available to them as they progress through their education.

Innovate Communities
215 children and young people supported

INSPIRE Mentoring supports marginalised young people aged 18-25 through educational transitions such as moving from education to employment.

The programme aims to address a significant system gap where our most marginalised young adults struggle to gain connections and insights into the professional world of work.

The young people they work with report issues with the lack of professional role models and the subtle inequalities that are related to growing up in a community and environment where they are the first generation to continue education after school. They further identified once they reach further education, they cannot compete with their peers who have professional connections, can secure internships and insights into sectors and gain employment with ‘the best companies’.

INSPIRE operates as a customised online mentoring programme using mentors that are relatable and motivating with direct relevant workplace experience. Skilled mentoring to support young people reach their full potential by matching them with a professional mentor, from a similar background. Their mentor can facilitate introductions and connections to their professional network, helping their mentee get critical industry insights.

Beneficiaries are young people who are either in education or aspire to get back into education. INSPIRE Mentoring targets existing HEAR students and young people in Further Education who aspire to go onto Third Level. 

And there’s more

Over the course of the partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation, William Fry staff also helped to raise money for


Provided Easter Eggs to the 60 young people served by Core Youth Services. The eggs were distributed throughout St Michael’s Estate in Inchicore.


Was raised as part of the William Fry Christmas appeal. This went directly to the Just Ask After School Club in Dublin 1 to support the club’s Christmas activities. This included €1,500 towards their Christmas Party (presents for each young person, Christmas food, as well as decorations). The remaining €1,628.24 was put towards purchasing Christmas shopping for five high need families.

Thank you Team William Fry for your continued support of Ireland’s most marginalised young people.

How you can help

Our aim is to reach 45,000 children and young people who are living in disadvantaged circumstances across Ireland. 

To do this, we need to support a wide range of youth projects as well those incredible youth workers who work tirelessly, and often voluntarily, to ensure children and young people have a future to look forward to.

But we can’t do it without you.

Whether you are a business or an individual you can help.