A call to action by the Irish Youth Foundation
Charity Proposal

Levelling the playing field for young people living in disadvantage and their peers

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, they’ve said
“we’re all in this together”.
Have ‘they’ actually listened to the children?
The young people whose fundamental rights to a decent education, support by caring adults & to a life free from fear, were in jeopardy even before the virus struck?
of young people in Ireland are living in family conflict
1 in 10
17 year olds admitted they did not have one adult to turn to
rise in children in Ireland not making it to secondary school
of inmates at Mountjoy Prison have no qualification leaving school
of people aged under 24 in Ireland are now unemployed

young people in Ireland will to go to bed hungry tonight

1 in 5
children in Ireland are now living in poverty
will continue to have severe mental health problems

Meet #GenerationPandemic

The vulnerable youths that are at risk of being left behind

Here’s how William Fry can help us change this story…

We propose a partnership with William Fry that will encompass the following:
1. Become our Flagship Sponsor for the “Pathways to Further Learning & Employment” Fund from 2021-2023

Help us change the lives and futures of a generation of young people

Specifically, your funding would:

1. Fund smart, innovate programmes that specifically target young people from socially and economically deprived communities to re-engage with learning and training opportunities
2. Support pioneering initiatives that help young people to gain access to meaningful pathways to employment
2. Staff Engagement via the following opportunities
A) The William Fry Work Experience Programme
A Day in the Life of a Busy Law Firm

As part of our charity partnership with William Fry, we would envision leaning into the support and expertise of your team by creating a work experience programme.

We are initially proposing a one-day event that all members of your firm would be involved in. The Irish Youth Foundation will liaise with our network of youth workers and projects nationwide, to bring young people aged 14-18 years to the William Fry office for a day of exposure to the corporate world. Young people will learn about all opportunities available within the company – administration and support roles, trainee roles, senior management roles etc.

We envision a firm wide day of engagement where all members of your team are available to welcome and educate these young people. For those young people who are keen to learn more, there is the potential of a slightly longer experience, with a one week or two week work experience programme that the IYF team will support in rolling out.

B) Charity Director Support

We would like to offer further support to the database of over 850 organisations that the IYF is connected with nationwide by offering workshops in a range of areas where the William Fry team have expertise:

  • Governance, Marketing, HR, IT

We are asking the William Fry team to donate 2 hours of their time to the relevant workshops and support the organisations nationwide who need your insights and guidance.

There will also be opportunities for further direct engagement with these organisations if your schedule allows.

C) Volunteer at our events

Support us by volunteering at our events:

  • Bloomsday annual bike rally & lunch
  • Childrens Hour Campaign
  • Annual Sports Awards
  • Cycle for IYF as part of our annual fundraising challenge in September